Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All the Experience...

Some things in life you will remember, most of it you'll forget.  

I remember my first snow cone, messy!

Mothers hair falling on her shoulders, beautiful.

I remember looking Love in the eye
and the look that said it wasn't enough.

I remember feeling floored by the creativity of others 
and making it my goal in life to knock someone on their ass.

I remember the touch of suffering 

I remember being scared... of everything.

I forget to look up at the sky.

I forget to introduce people.

I forget that words can kill as fast as they can heal.

I forget to doubt myself at every turn.

I forget what "can't" be done.

I remember breathing without pain in my chest 

I wrote this all down and found a few friends, now my memories exist a brush stroke on a canvas that will take a lifetime to fill

All we have is now
All thats left to do is share
This is my voice screaming at the top of his lungs, crying wolf was never an option.

Consider this piece of art everything I ever wanted to say but couldn't

Think of what you remember. 
Tell us a story.