Monday, August 27, 2012

Streets Of Gold

Fault her fountain
sever the modern culprit 
Neither further nor down
liquid standard truth desease 
Lifter of heavy faith
Cutdown the monolith for fear of false idols

Open heart swell
feel the weight of true love
A moment past forever
in thought construction
Slam the gavel down hard
the witness is corrupt 

Follow me into the blind
Permit me access to your holy temple
Journey in true terror
but you shall not walk

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Facts

Here's the truth of it
always in pain
Never feeling like anyone
always afraid 

Sometimes worthless
Never ashamed 
the everyday is difficult 
seek constant escape

Closed eyes while color pervades 
live for the blessings a mind will create
Bathe in the light of another day
asking only for faith 
put on display 

I'll never out run you
You're with me 'till death
It's just Cerebral Palsy
It's all in my head...