Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 - and all of the excess

Great highs and terrible lows…
the constant in 2014 has been more.

More productivity than any year prior
more violent outbursts

More empathy for the troubles of others
more mistakes made

More rumbling laughter from deep inside
more days spent longing

More inspiration 
more desperation

More people to remember 
more people to miss

2015 is coming 
so much to get done

Run for public office on the platform of a new 8 day week… 

four days on, four days off.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

How To Hit Home Runs

So fickle... Such a process. Life is as daunting as it is cool.

Understanding when you're successful is important and easy to miss. The desire to grow, progress and achieve can put up a miraculous set of blinders, keeping you from seeing the rapidly changing minute to minute.  Luckily success itself is a great reminder to stop and smell the roses. Understanding "The Why" is tricky to wrangle and requires focus to obtain. 

What makes one song any better than another?
How about one movie?
One government?
How about one god for that matter?
What makes a way of life the Right Way?

Why do some things resonate with millions, while others can't seem to get out of first gear?

In conversation, I'm enjoying a playful exchange with my father. The matter up for discussion is morality. An ambiguous noose around our collective necks making us feel bad for nights we had and thoughts we never asked for. Without even the decency of a nice dinner to reflect on later. We travel through several angles and points of view, neither of us attempting to "out think" the other. A verbal game of catch occurs on a topic that could undoubtedly become 

In time we arrive at this pearl of wisdom.

"I'm not gonna strap a bomb to myself... but I might beat the fuck out of someone for hitting a girl."

Perspective is more than everything... It's the only thing we've got.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Iced Tea Isn't Water - Episode 1 - Language

An opinion about The Life Narcotic

A maddening sickness lies at the heart of my condition. 
I'm poisoned by the nature of blindness.

I take no satisfaction in "Progress" or material gain. 
I'm too broken tired and justified to lust for money.
I will not work for rest.

I want to be overwhelmed by my misfortunes; to toil endlessly in the fields of my own excrement. 
It never happens. 
I'm too aware of the simple truth of it all… I earn it. 
Day by day, hour to hour, second to every second as I lazily play a part in a broken narrative that our fair author has no intention of finishing. 

Were this a film we'd not rent it again. 

I don't want to be impressed by your wit or charm or even conciseness.
You don't have to tolerate mine… that much is clear. 

I'm watching an Ant crawl on coco brown skin. 
He is not planing for the day he has done enough.
To actually be in love with your survival, what a thing.

A voice coming from the walls shouts hard and direct… something about fairness and how entirely possible it could be. Give up the bag, the hang, the ammunition, the loaded gun. Find a heart inside your mind and fall in love with stillness.

I want to see you at the ocean 
smile instead of saying words

What's my opinion?

The atom bomb is the word
the truth is caked in vomit
on the walls 
under your fingernails.

How do you know if something's truly bad? You smell it. 
It would be rotten to blame people.
To blame decisions. 

Who in their right mind would ever decide against cold beer and BBQ? 

The sun is hot and trying to tell us something.

Stand still in the sand and burn
Burn fast and bright as hell
Talk less
say more.

I am looking long and hard for the American Dream.