Sunday, September 29, 2013

a common ground

I run to you when my heart is scared
I hide when my mind is cold
I miss the air when I can't breathe
I hate the way it feels on my skin

I am an open book
Far too graphic 
not enough pictures

I count the miles in a memory
I laugh at the thought of time
I long for salvation
I am at my worst unkind

I am an open book
Dog eared pages
hard on the spine

I fall bastardly in love with life
I hurt inside
I want and want and need to want
I stay inside

I am an open book
Sleeveless, untitled
resting on a shelf 

I am my mothers eyes
I am my fathers worried mind
I am a savage heart
I am all shapes of life and death

I am an open book
A smell that fills your belly
a sentence read again

a sentence read again.

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