Thursday, September 27, 2012

Out of the Slipstream - A Writing Exercise

Filling the empty space between thoughts is harder that it looks from heaven. Try as I might I can't seem to find a lie as ugly as the truth. Preoccupation has lead to disconnection from the Mother Urge, we now fend for ourselves under the cover of darkness. Father was agreeable, it made him unhappy. I challenge the world to be more than it's bullet points, I feel mostly alone. I've been told the point of all this is experience, yet I see the curve behind me and know it's true face. Doubt leads the charge of indecision screaming louder than puerile cries, stand unmoved and watch the color drain from a fruitless effort. We are unmistakably calm in moments of true silence, these moments I enjoy. Spare your judgement for those who need it, for they are beyond your reach. The journey is long, you'll need to make camp... more than once. I began at the ending of things as a circle tends to do but in truth, I never was. In a time before spirals I am a spiral, my travels are laid out before me, I will run the curves again as I always have as I never will. Hold a place for me at the feast for at last

I'm on my way home.

Written Stream of consciousness for Ella, Brian and her.

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